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The Colloquium depends on faculty from Sewanee and beyond to make it work. We are grateful to the time and effort those involved put towards making the conference a success. 

Please feel free to contact the conference organizers at with any questions you might have about the proceedings, past or present.

The Sewanee Medieval Colloquium Committee

Stephanie L. Batkie, Director

Matthew W. Irvin, English

William E. Engel, English

Hannah Matis, School of Theology

Stephen B. Raulston, Spanish

Susan J. Ridyard, History

The Sewanee Medieval Colloquium Advisory Board

Manuela Ceballos (Religious Studies, UT-Knoxville)
Maggie Friz-Morgan (Romance Studies, UNC Chapel Hill)
Evan MacCarthy (Music and Dance, UMass Amherst)
Anne-Hélène Miller (World Languages and Cultures, UT-Knoxville)
Chris Palmer (English, Kennesaw State)
R.D. Perry (English, UT-Knoxville)
Sasha Pfau (History, Hendrix College)

Lynneth Miller Renberg (History, Anderson University)
Kira Robison (History, UT-Chattanooga)
Jeffery Stoyanoff (English, Penn State Altoona)
Joseph Taylor (English, UA-Huntsville)
Cord Whitaker (English, Wellesley College)

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