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Submit a Proposal

There are a number of different ways you can participate in the Colloquium. You can always attend the conference as a guest, of course, but if you would like to present your work or collaborate with others, there are four ways to do so this year: 


Organize a Sub-Theme: Due Aug. 10th

One way to participate in the conference is to organize a sub-theme that arranges panels on one aspect of the year's topic, broadly conceived. Sub-theme organizers create a description of their topic, advertise and solicit abstracts, and then select the papers the would like to include in one or more panels. Finally, they seek out the respondents they would like to include for each panel. Ideally, sub-themes help people think creatively about the year's theme and should appeal to scholars across disciplines in the field.


Submit a Panel: Due Nov. 1st

Another way to participate in the conference is for an individual or an organization to propose a complete panel, pre-selecting the papers beforehand and then submitting everything to the conference organizers at once. This is a useful way to give updates on ongoing projects, to use the conference to promote the scholarship of a scholarly society, or to collaborate with friends and colleagues. Submissions should include abstracts (300 words max) for each paper and a brief rationale about the panel. 


Apply to the Seminar: Due Nov 1st

The Colloquium Seminar offers scholars an opportunity to talk through a shared reading, selected by the seminar leader, in the weeks before the conference. In addition to lending their insights to these conversations, participants will also select an 'object of study' to apply the shared reading to, and will collaborate with other seminar participants in thinking through the combination of texts the groups assemble. At the conference, the seminar group will present their work in a roundtable discussion, facilitated  by the seminar leader. 

Applications will ask potential participants to describe their interest in the shared text and how their 'object of study' might contribute to the conversations. They also must commit to attending the pre-conference meetings in good faith.

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Propose a Paper: Due Nov 1st

The most common way to participate in the conference is to submit a paper abstract (300 words, max), either to one of the available sub-themes (available Aug. 15th) or to the general call. Papers at the colloquium are 20 mins in length, and will be due to your respondent one month before the conference itself. 

If a paper is submitted to a sub-theme but is not selected by the theme's organizers, it will be returned to the general call unless otherwise instructed. 

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